This add-on is based on the latest SDK (1.14) and is therefore only compatible with Mozilla Firefox v.10.0 and higher. Your Firefox is not updated? please update now !

Install the add-on

1. Confirm download

After clicking to download our add-on, a new window or a new tab to open.
Save Simply open the file on your desktop and drag / drop it into the Firefox window.

After a second confirmation Mozilla Firefox will immediately start installing the add-on.
Please click "Install now" to start the installation.

2. Restart Browser


Once the installation is completed, another message appears.

Bitte klicken "Restart Now" .

3. Installation Complete

To manage your add-on, see the "Add-on Manager" change - more information

How to use it?

Comfortable, directly and absolutely free ...

Just click on the search box above and type in your search query. By clicking "Enter", the MyOwnSearchBox results page opens. The "Web" title indicates that the search is over MyOwnSearchBox anonymous. By default, search results from MyOwnSearchBox will retrieve

Managing the supplementary

1. Add-on Manager

In the Firefox menu under the menu item "Tools" for the management of all the add-ons.
                 This list shows the status (active / inactive) of installed add-ons and gives you the option to enable or disable or delete.

By clicking on a specific add-on you can get additional information.

2. Deactivate add-on

To disable the add-on temporarily, just click "Disable".

3. Uninstall Add-on

To permanently remove the add-on, simply click on "Remove".

If you want, you can always with the add-on.